The Tax Collector now has a drive through window located on the South side of the Town Hall (right side as you are facing the Town Hall) at 1924 Barker St., Otisco, NY 13159 for the transaction of tax related business during the Tax Collector's business hours (please see Tax Notice under Legal Notices on this website for the Tax Collector's hours.

Fight the Bite

Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as EEE and West Nile Virus.  The best defense is to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Use Insect Repellent

Apply on exposed skin when you go outdoors.  Use an EPA-registered insect repellent such as those with DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus.  Always read and follow all directions and precautions on the product label.

Wear Long-sleeves and Pants

When possible, wear long-sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors.  Mosquitoes may bit through thin clothing, so spraying clothes with repellent containing permethrin or DEET will give extra protection.  Do not apply repellents containing permethrin directly to skin.  Do not spray repellent containing DEET on the skin under your clothing.

Be Aware of Peak Mosquito Hours

The hours from duck to dawn are peak biting times for many species of mosquitoes.  Take extra care to use repellent and protective clothing during evening and early morning or consider avoiding outdoor activities during these times.

Install or Repair Screens

Keep mosquitoes from entering your home with secure, intact screens on windows and doors.

Drain Standing Water

Eliminate mosquito breeding sites by emptying standing water from flower pots, buckets, barrels, and other containers near your home.  Drill holes in tire swings so water drains out.  Keep children's wading pools empty and on their sides when not in use.


Mosquito Beater WSP Packets

Mosquito Beater WSP Packets are available free of chard to Town of Otisco residents.  To obtain packets, please contact the Town Clerk's Office.

Linda Perry-Hitchings, Town Clerk
Georgette T. Waldau, Deputy Town Clerk
1924 Barker Street
Tully (Otisco), New York 13159

Ph.: (315) 696-4676               Fax: (315) 696-5679



March 1 through Dec 31: 

Tues -  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Wed -   9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Thurs-  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Or by appointment.

NOTE: This product only for use on residential property owned or leased by resident

This product only for use in containerized water, such as:

  • old tires
  • bird baths
  • defunt swimming pools
  • ornamental ponds
  • flower pots
  • rain barrels

Please follow manufacturer's directions for use.

Any questions, please call NYS DEC Pesticides Compliance in Albany. (518) 402-8727.