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Supervisor News

Cell Tower Update

As many of you know the town has been pursuing having a cell tower installed within the towns borders to address our rather lackluster cell coverage. This effort has been ongoing for a little over a year and I believe we are getting close to construction. Early in the siting process the town considered numerous locations including the towns property, the Otisco fire house and private land. The final location ended up being the site of the old landfill on Canty Hill Road near the pipeline. The proposed tower is a lattice design and 192′ tall. My recent discussions with the company managing the project said the permitting is completed. National Grid has been contacted to have a planner do a site survey as the next step. To do so they require the driveway to be installed which will be completed soon. Once this is accomplished construction will begin. It’s my understanding the hardware is on hand so there shouldn’t be any lead time issues. There is at least one carrier already on board (Verizon) and interest from another. Current estimate to complete is late summer. I’ll update this as I get more information. If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]